img_3511I’ve entered 2017 as somewhat of a broke bottomed female pooch. Let’s not beat around the nonexistent and imaginary bush (if you’ve a warped imagination, I cannot and will not help you).

All I’m saying is: “roll on end of January (or February)!”

Christmas really does take a chunk and a half out of our purses or wallets, doesn’t it? Not only are we buying presents for others (ourselves more than most if we’re really being true to ourselves) but we’re also buying lots of food and drinks… Like, I cannot tell you how much “alcohological” refreshments and diabetes-inducing foods I put into my system over the festive period! Think: not enough to become Phil Mitchell’s shade of ‘The Simpsons’ in Eastenders but enough to make a hole in my pocket that even the best of seamstresses cannot sew back up…

With regular drinking, eating and masses of present buying comes excessive usage of makeup, getting ready for parties…

As I was saying, I’ve had to make some cutbacks this year (starting 2017 on a budget is where the party is at, people!), meaning that I had to buy a cheaper alternative to Anastasia Beverly HillsPowder Contour Palette which would’ve cost me 39 bleeding squids (I say “bleeding” because you’re probably thinking £39 for THAT is enough to make anyone bleed) – when I ran out of it at the end of December.

So, where were we before I so rudely interrupted myself? Yes, budgeting and having to choose another powder palette. I had to get one I’ve never used before called ‘BH Cosmetics‘ from none-other than Beauty Bay (the online cosmetics and skincare store). This one cost £13. As different as I expected it to be – compared to ABH – I went with it in the name of “cutbacks” and trying to prevent my own personal “recession.”

This palette is a must-have for every makeup kit! It includes six versatile matte shades that work for any skin tone and can be used for contouring, highlighting, setting or as blush.

I mean, why do we go on about UK’s economy as a whole when we – as civilians – experience recessions of our own from time to time?! I’m probably going to have to start making parts of my own anatomy redundant to keep up with these expenses! 😭

So, the new budget powder contour palette isn’t great. I’m not BSing you because I’m not a BS chatter (not on Wednesdays, anyway 😜). What’s more, I’m hoping to make a career out of this at some point too (the reviews NOT BS’ing 😂😂😂).

If you take anything at all from this blog let it be that: “honesty is the best policy”.

Anyway, back to my review! Casper ‘the (not-so-friendly after I applied this) Ghost’ made an appearance for the laughs… Poor guy was late for Halloween but decided to turn up in my reflection once I’d applied this absolute monstrosity (in my opinion) of a product. Better late than never eh, Casp?

To be fair, I cannot comment if it’s just the shade of the highlighter that didn’t suit my skin-tone or the product itself but it was way too ashy… I looked like someone’s ashtray after they’d put out their fag and FYI: it wasn’t attractive nor a good look.

Oh – and the contouring colours didn’t do it for me either… It just wasn’t the same as ABH or even MAC’s Studio Fix. It wasn’t right and I won’t be purchasing again, sorry. It’s just not worth the hassle, money, time of applying or space in my makeup bag*.


However, if you’ve had a different experience, do let me know. As I said, it may well be that I chose the wrong palette for my skin tone…