Me in my Oasis Trench Coat

Hi guys, I just thought I’d take some time to blog about my new coat from Oasis. I’m really excited to share this post with you because I’m passionate about Oasis’ fashion and garments so it makes sense to rave about them here…

Now, here’s the deal – everyone who knows me knows that I only really shop in two high street stores, Oasis and Miss Selfridge. I do get the odd thing from ASOS, H&M and River Island but the majority of my wardrobe comes from Oasis and/or Miss Selfridge.

Anyway, this isn’t about my retail shopping habits so you don’t need to worry about that. Instead, it’s about one of the stores I mentioned: Oasis.

I’m not sure if you quite get how much I love Oasis yet, so it’s only fair that I share a fun fact with you. 85% of clothes which I own are from there.

Again, this post isn’t about all 85% of Oasis items which take pride of place in my wardrobe – just a coat which I recently bought from there, a trench coat. 😍

The Trench Coat in ALL its glory

The mac – it’s a timeless coat that will never fade out a fashion… and it’s pretty handy when it’s miserable outside too. Ours is crafted with a premium finish that’ll stay polished from morning ’til night. And have you seen the gorgeous belted waist?

Let me admit now that I never used to think a trench coat would suit me purely because I’ve never been svelte in my figure after the age of 18 and I didn’t want to look frumpy in it. But, I’m at that size (and age) now where I’d feel comfortable in rocking one – but not just any one… An Oasis one! I bet you’re all thinking: “Miamii, stop crying your heart out…” If you know, you know…

Firstly (well not really firstly because I’ve written like a gazzilion paragraphs before this one), I’m obsessed with the colour of this coat. It’s like a rusty but shiny gold. I don’t actually know if that is selling it to you in any way, but it’s actually beautiful. Like, it matches my skin tone to a t. One thing though – be careful when wearing it, it stains pretty easily. Luckily, it’s machine washable so all is good.

Secondly, it’s very figure hugging, sinches in at the waist (thanks to the belt) but also looks very flattering for any shape or size.

The price of this stunning coat is £85 (it’s since been reduced to £45!!!). I bought it while it was pricy but very worth it.

Before you ask, I don’t usually buy jackets a lot… I mean, the last time I bought one was like 4-5 years ago! I used to prefer baggy coats to slim fitting ones as well. I may not be where I want to be yet (physically), but I’m definitely closer to where I want to be (and well on my way to achieving it).

If you want one for yourself be quick and preferably a size XS (6-8 UK) or S (10 UK). Log on and order today. 😘