I’m currently suffering from skin redness on my chin and nose. It’s winter season, so… That’s inevitable, isn’t it?

The situation of my skin sensitivity is getting slightly embarrassing. Not even makeup can cover it. 😩 Forget Rudolph, I’m the Red Chinned and Nose Human (and someone who resides in the North Pole via London).

I’ve got to admit that Lush’s skincare has yet again saved me. I cannot tell you how incredible their products are. I slid into their DMs (haha!) this morning asking them about what they’d recommend I try and they suggested Ultrabland, Celestial and the Rosy Cheeks (Chin & Nose in my case) face mask. I’ve got Eau Roma Water so – that’s just something I use anyway – redness or not.

I bought them all and tried them. I can say that the redness has settled and calmed, it doesn’t feel pain either. To compare what I looked like this morning to now (I won’t upload photos that are enough to put you off your food), my chin and nose were BAD! Now, they’re on the way to good thanks to Lush.

So, there you have it, if you’re going through a sensitive skin phase, do something about it. Turn to a good skincare brand. If Lush products aren’t your thing, Kiehl’s also done great skin soothing creams targetted at dry skin that are even suitable for babies with eczema. Banish that redness. Get your flawless complexion back you beauties! 😘

P.S. I’ve got to confess that I’ve also used Lush‘s Dark Angels on the sensitive areas (very gently WITHOUT the sugar granules), it was the best decision I ever made. The dry skin peeled off and is feeling less sore. So, be VERY gentle but try it if you dare. It’s surprisingly slightly soothing – if you follow the rest of the steps in this post that is…