I’m a girl who has never usually been happy with her makeup look. I always looked to Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest for inspo – never realising that most edit their photos to enhance their features.

I have changed make-up brands more times than I’ve changed my clothes, no word of a lie. But, then again, can you really call yourself a girly-girl if you haven’t?

Complex makeup routines are honestly something that I could never really get the hang of… I used to slather it on and hope for the best. In most instances, it’ll come out too thick and cakey, but too light a coverage and pale a tone in others.

Now, I’ve finally found the right balance and an extremely simple yet natural-looking makeup routine that I adore and will never change (not for now, anyway 😜). I absolutely LOVE it, hence why I’m going share it with you…

Seeing as I touched on it a little above, I really cannot for the life of me understand how or why makeup bloggers or vloggers like to use more than 10 products on their faces just to pull off their signature makeup looks. In reality, you only need approximately four things (excluding eye and lip makeup). A foundation, concealer, a contour pallete and setting powder. But, vloggers come up with all these complex ways of doing the same thing, achieving the same result when you can save time and cut corners.

I wash my face with Coalface or Angels on Bare Skin, follow up with Eau Roma toner water, and Enzymion then Magical Moringa.

Once my skincare regime is complete, I move on to Dark Yellow (Lush’s foundation), then contour and highlight (frame my face) using the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour pallet, and set the concelear/foundations using Cargo Cosmetics’ powder contour pallet.

I also only use three brushes. A fat powder foundation brush from Real Techniques (I find it works well to blend liquid foundation too), an unbranded Fenwick double-ended flat liquid foundation (and contour) brush as well as a Real Techniques sculpting/contouring powder brush.

Shockingly, I don’t then go on to use a small concealer brush, a kabuki, a setting powder brush, an all over face brush, a Mac 04479647916 brush, a Sephora 90210 (or whatever they like to call them) – no, I don’t do any of that because I simply just don’t have the time, money or attention span.

One thing you’ll soon learn about me is that I love sleep. So, if I can get an extra hour in the day (while also spending less time cleaning a gazzilion make-up brushes at the sink each week),  I’ll take it.

Finally, I apply mascara and a Kylie Lip Kit of my choice as usual (and nothing else most days). That’s literally it! No gimmicks, no complex tutorials – just that. It actually works. I love it and will probably never change it because my skin feels so soft, is smooth and very natural-looking afterwards. It’s in no way cakey, thick or masked.

Yes, I get the odd breakout (due to stress, hormones, junk food consumption) but my skin still looks relatively flawless.

If I don’t have time to straighten my fringe (which is almost always), I do add a little nude-shimmery eyeshadow (usually Bourjois) for special occasions, but again that’s if I’m going out on a night out, which I don’t do often.

There you have it, a simple, yet flawless way to achieve a natural look without all the BS, huge budget to spend and/or time to spare.

Big love,