Lush: Million Dollar Moisturiser

I’m 25 and at that age where I need to start looking after my skin. SPF is vital (even if, like me, you live in the U.K. and get hardly any sunshine) when out during the day – because the lack of it speeds up the aging process and makes your skin receptive to pigmentation or dark/age-spots.

Million Dollar Moisturiser, from Lush, is the one I’ve been using for a bit and I’ll start singing its praises now.

Lounging in the sun is a job for the super rich, like the thick and creamy almond, sesame seed and oatmeal decoction inside this luxurious facial suncare. Reflective pigments will highlight your face with a Hollywood glow, so make your next walk on the beach a walk of fame safe from the sun’s rays (but maybe not the papparazzi you’ve attracted along). Beware: sweet tonka absolute and delicate lavender make you feel like a million dollars… so you might pick up some new, diva-ish habits on the way.

This Moisturiser has SPF 30 in it. To tell you the truth, I’ve been putting off purchasing this for so long because buying it would be an affirmation that I’m at that age now where I need to be taking care of my skin, as I want to maintain looking youthful for as long as possible. But, honestly, I’m kicking myself about not purchasing it sooner. It’s actually sensational. The smell? 😍 the thickness of the cream itself? 👏 (it’s similar to Magical Moringa), the soft, supple, highlighted and glowing skin revealed after application? ❤️

Million Dollar Moisturiser lives up to its name. I feel like a million dollars when wearing it. I recommend that you visit your local branch of Lush and try some for yourself, I assure you that you won’t look back.

What’s more, it’s extremely luxurious, another reason why you won’t regret picking one up for yourself.

Only the finest and best ingredients went into this moisturiser, making it worth every penny. You’ve got the soothing and glowing properties of Honey, the nourishing and hydrating properties of Fair Trade Shea Butter (which is prominent in this), nutrition of organic Sesame Oil and the antiseptic and upliftingness of Rosewood Oil. They blend together to create the richest but most amazing sun-protecting Moisturiser I’ve ever used (also the only one I’ve ever stuck to).