Eyelash Curler

How anyone can use the metal eyelash curlers I don’t know… That scares me. Legitimately terrifying. They look like a gruesome, medical/dentistry instrument that can be found in an operating theatre! 😱 #DrStrange

I can’t and won’t ever curl my lashes with them because the thought of putting my eyelids and eyelashes (or eyes in general) through that is a risk I never want to take.

Charlotte Tilbury: Full Fat Lashes

Instead, I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes mascara, and it does the job perfectly (and safely). I love CT’s Full Fat Lash because it not only curls but lengthens, adds volume and looks good. Having said that, I do love a good Max Factor Masterpiece Max too.

Mind you, it’s probably got nothing to do with the mascara even, I truly believe it’s down to lash length, the wand and technique of applying.

I apply plenty of coats of mascara (with very little product) and curl my lashes by twisting the wand around them in upward strokes.

What do you think? Do you prefer eyelash curlers?  Get in touch, or don’t! 😉 X