As promised, here’s my review on all the Lush toner waters and their benefits to each skin-type. Yes, I know that the majority of products I review are from Lush, but that’s because they’re great and work for me. I don’t expect everyone to jump on my Lush bandwagon, because everyone is different. Skin, tastes, likes, dislikes – it’s all gravy, baby!

If you like gravy, that is… On some Yorkshire puddings? Yes, please! 😍😋👌

“Right, you! Stop distracting me with Yorkshire pudding talk… What I really want is a Yorkie bar and a good, old Yorkshire brew as I read your review on Lush toner waters.” said Sally from the Dales. I hear you, Sally! I’m getting on to that now…

Lush Tea Tree Toner

Tea Tree Toner Water:

Lush’s (Yorkshire*) Tea Tree was the be all and end all of life for me when I was suffering from acne. As much as I didn’t like it to begin with, I absolutely believe wholeheartedly that it has helped me a lot!

*I cannot confirm nor deny that Yorkshire tea was used in the making of this Tea Tree toner. I was half hoping so though ’cause I mean… Do I need to upload the image of Kermit the 🐸 sipping some ☕️ for you to understand?

The reason why I didn’t take to it in the beginning was because I noticed a few break-outs in the initial first few uses. But, looking back on it now it could’ve easily been down to suppressed, underlying bacteria in the face which this toner brought out.

It’s a bit like a facial… You get a facial done and then wake up the next day to spots the size of Mount Kilimanjaro on your face. That is in no way a reflection of how bad your facial was, just what’s trapped underneath your skin.

Our skin has plenty of layers (like a layer-cake seen on #GBBO, the Final’s airing tonight – watch it). All these layers have bacteria, dirt and impurities trapped in them with nowhere to go.

An intensive facial draws them all out, bringing them to the surface, and that’s how spots are formed.

I could 100,000% (not a percentage because percentages only go up to 100) be a science (and maths) teacher. YES!

So, although I thought Lush’s Tea Tree Water was a hinderance, it was in fact great help. I haven’t broken out since – and that’s a promise.

I like Lush Tea Tree’s water because it’s also multi-purpose, so you can use it as anti-bacterial, a setting spray for make up as well as a cooler in hot climates.

To summarise, if you have acne prone or combination-oily skin, this one is definitely for you.

Finally, the results you will notice after using this Tea Tree toner are that you’ll break-out less, produce oils less and be left with soft, soothed skin. The smell is an acquired one. If you love the smell of tea, happy days! If not, sorry, you’ll just have to grin and bear it.

Lush: Eau Roma Water

Eau Roma Toner Water:

Outkast would probably try to warn you off this one because they think roses smell like “poo-ooh-ooh!” Reality is, they don’t. Roses, as I’m sure you know, smell very flowery (not that someone who’s never smelt one would know what to expect) but you catch my drift…

This one is an incredible toner. Like, if you thought Tea Tree was good, wait until you hear about this! It’s refreshing, oxidising, and without a doubt, the best toner Lush has (in my opinion). What I love most about it is that it gives a rosy glow to the skin (mine in particular as I can’t speak for other wearers).

Lush love pairing their products, so – if you love Angels on Bare Skin, you’ll want to spray this one on afterwards! Both Angels on Bare Skin and Eau Roma water are preferably worn by dry or sensitive skin sufferers. Skin redness and irritation? Gone.

I personally adore how much my skin breathes. Unlike Tea Tree Water, you can actually feel the fresh sensation of your pores being closed. I spray this both under my makeup and on top — using it in the same way I would the Tea Tree. Also, similarly to Tea Tree, this too is multi-purpose, softening, soothing, mattifying with the added bonus that it smells like roses!

FYI: Eau Roma Water, when said in a French accent, makes it all that more worthwhile.*

*I cannot confirm nor deny this either. Soz!

Lush: Breath of Fresh Air

Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water:

Okay, I haven’t personally tried this one yet but I can imagine that it’d be much of the same as the other toners. It’s multi-purpose – meaning it can be used on the go, on top of or underneath makeup or if you need a quick refresh and/or a cool down. I don’t know how it feels on the skin but I’m sure it’s delightful, and I’m guessing feels less rosy than Eau Roma and more like cO2 (without the emission and pollution).

If, like me, you’re wondering where the FCUK I come up with all these from… My honest answer is: I have no idea, I was, like Lady Gaga, Born This Way. 

To me, as someone who’s never tried it, I assume Breath of Fresh Air would feel as though  the sea breeze is brushing up on your skin. It’s got seaweed and rose absolute which also reduce redness.

Apparently, this is their “most refreshing toner”, so – again – sensitive skin suffers would benefit mostly *but that’s not to say that no-one else can wear it*!

I give you my word that I’ll try this toner next week and compare how I feel after wearing it with the way I do when stepping out of a 15-minute sauna session. Deal? Deal. 😘