LUSH’s Shoot for the Stars

Lush‘s Shoot for the Stars is my new favourite. Before they changed its predecessor, my favourite used to be a cross between Intergalactic and Dragon’s Egg. I still love them both, but seeing as we’re approaching the festive season, Shoot for the Stars is the perfect replacement that’ll keep me going until next Spring.

I actually hadn’t tried the old version of Shoot for the Stars so I don’t know (from personal experience) how much it has changed in terms of ingredients and scent but I do know that it’s definitely had an image overhaul. The new one (above) is brighter and definitely more striking. The scent is glorious too, imagine honey mixed with Brazilian orange and bergamot.

These bath spheres dissolve into the water leaving a midnight blue layer of pure luxury and then slowly revealing the Brazilian orange and bergamot oils infused glitter.

A fellow blogger, Lush Upon a Time, documented the entire dissolving process of the bath sphere and it’s something pretty extraordinary. After reading her review, I realised that if I’d taken the bath sphere out of the tüber mid-dissolve, I’d have seen that what used to be three big glitter stars (on the front) meating to reveal 11 bright yellow soapy bath melts! I cannot believe I missed that… I’m going back to buy a second one just for the purpose of feeling and seeing those for myself.

After getting out of the bath, once Shoot for the Stars had done its job, my skin was felt silky smooth to the touch, leaving behind a slight shine which I’m sure is down to the glitter.

My verdict? I absolutely love Shoot for the Stars because it’s very subtle yet fresh in fragrance and uplifting when dissolved in water. If that’s not enough, the bright, contrasting colours which arise are enough to make you feel as though you’ve entered the cosmos (just not as cosmic as Intergalactic).

If you would like me to review something, comment below and I’ll get trying and reviewing.

Miamii 🙂 xxx