Are any of you beauties on Snapchat? If so, you’d have noticed that the first Snap filter on the conveyor is one promoting the upcoming Kenzo x H&M collaboration!

Cast your mind back to 2015 when H&M collaborated with Balmain, and the year before that when the high street giant collaborated with Vera Wang… Well, this year it’a the turn of Kenzo (another luxury clothing brand).

Honestly, I’d not heard of Kenzo before finding out about their collaboration  with H&M but then again, I’m not hugely into fashion – I prefer my make-up and skincare! I mean, I wear clothes don’t get me wrong but I’m content happy with shopping at H&M, OASIS, River Island and/or ASOS. Outside of that, and premium-wise, I’d probably choose Ralph Lauren or Juicy Couture!

So, anyway, back to the Kenzo x H&M filter… I absolutely love it! It’s very floral and looks incredible on anyone and everyone. I love the moving image – especially how it transitions seamlessly from a red floral pattern to a blue one followed by a blue animal print sequence and then ends on an exotic pink flower before returning back to the beginning. Stunning!

Are Kenzo and H&M trying to tell us something? Will there be plenty of floral and animal print selections in their joint venture of a collection?  Of course! Why else would they choose that style? I also know that – as Snapchat filters go – this one could easily become a favourite if it last long enough… Sadly though, it’s only available for 24 hours (and the countdown started this morning).

Actually, that reminds me, before I saw the filter this morning, I’d been shown the press release which revealed a sneak-peek at what to expect from the collaboration and which products are going to be sell-outs; I’m going to attach some pictures to this email and it’s up to you to work out which ones will be sell-outs.

Kenzo x H&M
Kenzo x H&M
Kenzo x H&M
Kenzo x H&M

The collaboration launches on 3rd November 2016 across 250 selected H&M stores and online. Want to view the whole collection in its entirety? The likes of Elle and Vogue covered it and it’s everyone on Google, all you’ve got to do is type in “Kenzo x H&M” to see for yourself! Alternatively, for all you lazy sods out there, click HERE!

I still believe that the Balmain collaboration was the best yet and that it cannot be beaten however I’m hoping to be proven wrong…