Selfie Cam on YouCam Makeup

Girls and guys who enjoy wearing make-up, this post goes out to you!

One of my best friends introduced me to an app that has strengthened my selfie game by infinity and beyond lightyears.

Whether you have or haven’t heard of it is not the issue here… The issue is how incredible it actually is! Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about YouCam Makeup! Brought to us by the make-up army folk at Perfect Corp, this app is FREE to download from the iOS app store and has become the Holy Grail of make-up  *and hair* experimentation.

YouCam Makeup is the best makeover and hairstyle studio with hundreds of makeup and beauty products for your digital makeover! The smart facial detection gives you the most true-to-life makeup application in real-time or on selfie photos.

I used to wear make-up… Now, the make-up wears me!

YouCam Makeup is the next best thing since slice bread, unless you’re partially gluten intolerant like me.

Anyway, if you haven’t quite ‘Dot Cotton'(ed) on yet, I LOVE YouCam Makeup! “I’m not one to gossip but…” YouCam Makeup is the bees knees on the apple trees…

This app lets us test out a variety of different looks LIVE using the front or back-facing camera or upload selfies that are saved onto our camera rolls ready to edit them in more ways than one…

No, I’m not talking “Instagram filter”, I’m talking changing hairstyles, colours, eye-colour, eyebrows, eyeliner, adding false lashes, different foundation, contour, blush, eyeshadow and lip colour palettes, teeth whitening along with the option to banish blemishes and smoothen the skin. The Skin Smoother in particular is what I live for!

Another feature that I live for is the Face Shaper. If you’ve ever suffered from “Alvin & the Chipmunks’ Cheeks Syndrome” – like me – you will NEED a face slimmer in your life. Water retention? Gone. Chubby cheeks? A thing of the past.

If that’s not enough the app even suggests ways to recreate the desired look by redirecting you onto third party sites that stock the products that were used to conjure up your new look! What more could anyone ask for? Ah yes! A save button which SAVES your new selfie onto your Camera Roll WITHOUT a watermark… That’s what!

Halloween ‘Costumes’ on YouCam Makeup

Oh, and I haven’t even begun talking about the different festive face paints that look like you’ve actually gone to an artist to get them done! I promise you that none of the looks look fake – unless your selfie was taken at an angle and the make-up spreads. If the face paint does spread past the profile of your face, you can adjust it by clicking the “Fine Tune” button. This goes for anything on the app.

Finally, there’s also a real-time video feature that enables us to try out all the looks in one moving slideshow/video which we can then share with friends/family via IM or social media. Again, like the selfies, they’ll be saved in your camera roll.

Hairstyles and Colours on YouCam Makeup

Now for the slightly disappointing part – the hairstyles and hair colour choices don’t work very well for me. But, that doesn’t mean to say they won’t for you. However, I’m not crying over spilt milk because this is called a YouCam Makeup – not Hair – so I wasn’t expecting perfection.

I have been #brave (sarcasm is the strongest form of blogging) enough to try out the make-up looks for you before you go ahead and purchase* the app. So, check out my #MakeUpMashUp video below…

*it’s FREE!

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Miamii 😉 xx