Guess who’s back? Back again… Miamii’s BACK! Tell your friends… Hey guys and dolls, I’ve just come online to post a review on Lee Stafford‘s HAiR GRowTH line.

As you know, the last time I blogged on this site, I was blonde. A very happy blonde! The reason I had to take a little vacay away from blogging was because I needed to sort my hair out. I had bleached it so much that it became like elastic. In the shower, my hair would rip at the touch and had the consistency of a very thin elastic band. I mean, it even sounded like one when breaking apart! So, I booked myself in for a hair consultation and heard the dreaded: “there’s nothing we can do, you’ll need to cut it or apply protein, caffeine / natural herbal products… That’s the only way to improve its state.”

Reluctantly, I booked an appointment for a cut. But, we ain’t talking an inch or two… We’re talking 65-70% of it! I was very sad, hurt and annoyed that I’d grown it to a relatively good length, only to be told most of it needs to be cut. I’m a girl. Us girls get very impatient when it comes to waiting for our hair or nails to grow back… We imagine we look a lot worse than we do and we just have these wild thoughts and an awful imagination of people looking at our newly-short hair and thinking: ‘Look at this girl’s bowl cut, LOL!’.

I tried hair vitamins, high end brands with a high price tag and nothing was working! It was then that I had a brainwave and remembered reading up on Lee Stafford’s HAiR GRowTH line. It promised to “grow hair past a certain length”. It was honestly a Godsend! I ventured into Boots, bought it (on offer, bargain!) and have been using it ever since!

I bought the Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Leave-in Spray. I use the Shampoo and Conditioner two-to-three times a week and the mask just once (before entering the sauna and steam rooms at the gym). I can tell you that after just a month and a half (verging on two) – my hair has grown more than it ever would’ve without it. It’s stronger, shinier, healthier and a lot more manageable.

People who know me know that I didn’t used to take a lot of pride in my hair… It was only after dying it blonde and going through that horrendous ordeal that I decided to really start looking after it. No, it’s not an overnight thing… Yes, you do need patience. But, upon first use I noticed my hair smelled nicer (like Argan Oil) and looked stronger, healthier and shinier. So, until it starts working (length-wise) you’ll definitely notice other differences. It was actually just a couple of weeks ago (when my friends told me my hair looked longer) that I realised that my hair follicles had been stimulated. Obviously, I wake up with this hair and face everyday, I don’t have a hair length-ruler that measures… It’s just something others have noticed, and knowing they have further affirms my belief that it works!

The difference between choosing Lee Stafford’s HAiR GRowTH instead of hair vitamins is that hair is limited to growing on your head and nowhere else. Taking hair vitamins meant I noticed a growth in hair all over. No, the gorilla look is NOT something I was going for!

The difference between choosing Lee Stafford’s affordable priced HAiR GRowTH over a high end brand with a price to match? You’re getting value for money. You can waste endless amounts of pounds/dollars/yen (any and all other currencies) but if you’re not getting that result then it becomes a waste! With Lee Stafford, it’s a really well-known brand that’s affordable and does what it says!

So, girls/boys… If you’ve been to the hairdressers and they’ve cut more than you wanted or are struggling growing your luscious locks past a certain length, you need Lee Stafford in your life!

Happy HAiR GRowINg,