Photo Credit: Rodial

I recently discovered that, Rodial, the founding company of Nip + Fab, produce a range of high quality make-up. Prior to coming across Rodial’s new Airbrush Make-Up, I was on the lookout for a foundation that covered my skin’s imperfections and one that’ll keep it looking flawless and photo-ready.

During my quest to find the perfect foundation, I came across many that either dried my skin out or  left it looking oily, cakey or pastey. Also, being Lebanese means that it’s increasingly difficult to find one that matched my olive skin-tone.

Anyway, back to Rodial, as soon as it came in the door I knew it was “the one”. I fell in love with it instantly. I mean, it’s hard not to when it’s packaged in a classy and sleek looking black box with Rodial running down the side.

I opened the box to find a circular pot with “R” [for Rodial] engraved on it in white. Inside was a golden yellow paste [shade 02] with a texture similar to that of PVA glue. Although it’s really sticky and thick, it glides on pretty well when mixed with a Beauty Oil of your choice. Rodial recommends its Snake Booster Oil  or Stemcell Superfood Facial Oil but I chose to go with The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil. I found that mixing these products together resulted in a full coverage and it left my skin looking dewy and flawlessly airbrushed.

If you’re looking for more of a matte finish, it’s worth mixing with a primer of your choice. Again, Rodial recommend using their Instaglam Airbrush Primer but I used Nip + Fab’s Viper Venom Micro Blur.

What do Rodial have to say about its Airbrush Make-Up?

A versatile, heavy duty foundation paste with buildable coverage, this is an absolute wonder product for achieving flawless, photo ready skin with airbrush effect. This unique formula offers ‘airbrush correction’ in one-step for perfect and instant camouflage with a satin-luminous finish. This thick creamy paste, despite the heavy coverage it provides, will feel lightweight on the skin and sits beautifully. Available in 4 shades.

My verdict?

I’d give it a 4**** rating because it does exactly what it says on the pot, but the coverage can be seen as too thick and almost camouflage-like. It looked as though I was wearing a heavy amount of make-up which may not be everyone’s pot of foundation…

At a price of £35, it’s great for parties, but not for day wear.